The Youth For Christ mission group was formed in June of 2012 over an
idea we had for a fundraiser. Over the summer months, we supported the
“Saving Moses Project”, that was created by Sarah Bowling, which
focuses on helping children ages 5 and under around the world with giving
them a home, food, medical supplies, schooling and help for their families.  
By asking our church family to fill baby bottles with their loose change, we
raised $606 the first year and have raised $455 in 2013. We have also
been able to donate to the Grafton Food Bank and Grotonwood Camp

Past activities include a field trip to La Sallette shrine to see the lights
and nativities as well as pizza suppers and bowling events. We also helped
with our church fair and ran an Open House in Russell Hall during Crèche
Sunday in order to show others what we do, and it went quite well.

We look forward to reinvigorating Youth For Christ!
Youth For Christ