The Youth For Christ mission group was formed in June of 2012 over an
idea we had for a fundraiser. Over the summer months, we supported the
“Saving Moses Project”, that was created by Sarah Bowling, which
focuses on helping children ages 5 and under around the world with giving
them a home, food, medical supplies, schooling and help for their families.  
By asking our church family to fill baby bottles with their loose change, we
raised $606.09 the first year and have raised $455.00 in 2013. We have
also been able to donate to the Grafton Food Bank and Grotonwood Camp
scholarships. We are hoping to do many more missions in the future.

Our group took a field trip to La Sallette shrine to see the lights and
nativities. We also helped with our church fair and suggested that we have
an Open House in Russell Hall during Crèche Sunday in order to show
others what we do since they were coming in anyways, and it went quite

We usually meet on the first Friday evening of the month at the Baptist
Church of Grafton in Russell Fellowship hall. We enjoy making pizzas or a
shared dessert while meeting to discuss how we can impact our church
family, community and world community. We accept anyone wishing to join
from ages 12 to 17. Please contact our church secretary for information if
you are interested in sharing your time and ideas with us.
Youth For Christ