The Diaconate prayerfully oversees the Church's Spiritual Life. It does so in these ways:

  • Serves Communion monthly, acts as ushers and greeters at each service and
    ensures that the Sanctuary is ready for morning worship.
  • Acts as a sounding board for the Minister and a means to take the pulse of the
    church membership
  • Assists the Minister at special services/programs.
  • Oversees the Communion Fund. This fund is used for communion expenses,
    provides help to church family members in time of need, and ecumenical events.
  • Oversees the Memorial Fund where donations in memory of loved ones are
    recorded. The Diaconate also suggests appropriate uses for these donations.
  • Assists the Minister in his visitation to shut-ins.
  • Interviews and recommends individuals who are seeking to join our Church.

The Diaconate consists of the Minister, the Chair of the Diaconate, ten members elected
by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting and two emeritus members.