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Church History
On June 20, 1800, a council composed of the pastors and delegates from the Baptist Churches in the area met and
organized the Grafton Baptist Church, consisting of fifteen members with six Articles of Faith.

On November 8, 1800, the Grafton Baptist Church purchased land on the bank of the stream off Pleasant Street
by Baptist Bridge, for the sum of $12 and erected a "commodious and comfortable house of worship" to the
service of God.

On April 7, 1830, the First Baptist Society in Grafton was organized and erected the present church building at 1
South Street, on Grafton Common. The Society was incorporated on February 18, 1839; and on January 6, 1894,
the First Baptist Society was incorporated as The First Baptist Church of Grafton.

On November 9, 1836 the Second Baptist Church in New England Village (now called North Grafton) was
organized in a hall in the upper story of the East Wing of the Grafton Manufacturing Building near the Upper
Mill. A church building with a spire was erected in May 1838. On February 23, 1907, the Second Baptist Church
of North Grafton was incorporated.

For well over 100 years, the two Baptist Churches served their people in their separate communities in the name
of Christ.

In April 1964, under the creative and inspirational leadership of their Interim Minister, The Rev. Dr. Thomas S.
Roy, the two churches joined together as The Grafton Baptist Parish. They did so "to help the churches pool
their resources; and to plan and work together so as to exalt Christ and extend His kingdom into the total life of
the community and throughout the whole earth."

In April 1966, the two churches called The Rev. Donald N. Valentine to be the first pastor of the Grafton Baptist
Parish, as well as each individual church. In the Spirit of Christ's love, the two churches began to merge their
assets and blend their ministries. A beautiful, new parsonage was purchased and dedicated as a sign of their unity.

On January 1, 1968, the First Baptist Church of Grafton and the Second Baptist Church of North Grafton
became incorporated as The Baptist Church of Grafton. Focused on serving Christ to the best of their ability, the
new Church Family sold their building in North Grafton and made extensive renovations to their building in
Grafton Center. In March 1972, a Service of Dedication of The Baptist Church of Grafton was held.

On September 20, 1998, the Baptist Church of Grafton held a Worship Service to thank God for His blessings of
renewal and growth during the three previous years. Having experienced a period of dwindling membership,
finances and broken spirits in the early 1990's, the Church Family sought to be renewed as God's people. With
renewed trust in the providence of God, the Church Family called The Rev. Donald N. Valentine to return as their
Pastor, and with the dedication and hard work of the entire congregation, the Church Family experienced new life.
God blessed us with an awareness of His living presence, and we have grown in trust and love in God and each
other; in membership and financial strength, and in our ability to reach into the community and the world with the
Good News of Jesus Christ.

During the 2000th year of Christianity, The Baptist Church of Grafton celebrated its 200th year of Baptist
Witness in Grafton - grateful for the roots of our heritage, trusting in God's vision for the future!
Church History